My Son's Hotel Review

We are heading from Idaho to Arizona to see my cousins for Thanksgiving. On the way we stopped at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. When we got here, the were awesome! When I got to the hotel, I wasn't feeling to well and I had to go the the bathroom. When I got a little lost, an employee came by and showed me the way back to the restaurant. The food from the Coronado Cafe was okay, it is not my preference. My parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles did not care for it either.

When we got in the room, I almost passed out. It was nice! It had a safe, 2 queen beds, a bathroom of course (thankfully), it had a computer area for our laptop but it cost extra, and view of the mountains. It had artwork of horses and a flat screen TV. But be careful of what buttons you push because there is a lot of inappropriate programming, the only channel they have for kids is PBS and Disney Channel.

Some of the things I didn't like are the smell of the hotel. When I went to sleep my eyes were burning. When I woke up, they were still burning and even as I write this post, they are still burning. Our hotel room didn't have a mini fridge or microwave oven, but I learned that fortunately you can request them a head of time.

I give this this hotel 3 out of 5 stars for kid friendliness, because they have also have a pool, bowling, movies, and other family activities.


  1. Mom and Dad give the hotel a 2.5 stars out of 5. The restaurant we ate at we not very tidy, the curtain wouldn't close all the way, and stagnant water left in the tub.

    The beds and pillow were comfortable. The showers offers a nice rain-shower feel. The view of the pool and freeway is tolerable.

    On our way back through Las Vegas, we probably will not choose this hotel. That's okay because there are PLENTY to choose from.


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