Nonna and Poppy (through my son's eyes)

Last week, we spent the past few days keeping “Poppy” (Grandpa) company at the hospital.  It only took a call from “Nonna” (Grandma) letting us know he was in the ER and off we were.  I let my son know happened and right away he started praying.  Eyes weld up and his voice was quiet but his prayers were straight forward.  “God, watch over Poppy,” we would say over and over again.  When we arrived at the hospital, my son was relieved that, though Poppy was in pain, he was okay.  When we left that evening, my son left his most prized possessions with Poppy.  His two favorite stuffed animal dogs, Puppy and Nipper.

When it was time for Poppy to go to another floor for a PICC, my son insisted that we go with him.  I explained that it was only 4 floors down and his reply was  "I stand by my grandfather, now let's go."  And so off we went to walk with him to a radiation room.  My son saw the radiation symbol and said “Poppy, I hope you get super powers!”  I sat and waited with my son until the procedure was done and off to his hospital room we went.

For the past few days I have been posting updates on FaceBook about my Dad-in-law’s progress and we would get replies of prayers and love.  The way the family just pours out love, well wishes and appreciation just amazed me.  But the relationship my son shares with his grandparents is one of love and awe.  In his eyes “Nonna is the best cook and Poppy can fix anything,” which is true on both accounts.  I am blessed to have in-laws that love us so much and we, in return, love them even more.
Nonna, Jason, and Poppy


  1. Crying, crying, crying! This is sooo touching! I love your son!!!!!!!!!!


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