Fun with History

We recently took advantage of the annual “Museum Comes to Life” in Boise, Idaho and it was a blast!  Though at times, history tends to be the subject that bores us the most, it can be fun. 

 I have found that incorporating history with media has been extremely helpful.  One way is through television, for example, the History Channel has a wonderful series called “America: The Story of Us.” The website also provides descriptions of the 12 episodes, ranging from early American history up to the present, and also provides a guide, shares related topics, and even a quiz.  Netflix is also another good source for history videos, as well as your local library.  If your closest museum is to far away, I suggest virtual museums.  For example, the Smithsonian has a virtual tour of the National Museum of Natural History that is pretty impressive.

Museums are a great way for children to experience history.  On your next trip, give your student a camera, and let them take photographs of what they feel is important to them.  As a project, download the pictures and turn it into a virtual scrapbook to share with friends and family.


  1. You are PERFECT for the class blog!! This is such an awesome suggestion! :)


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