Home Alone

Today I planned to meet Tom Luna, the school superintendent for the state of Idaho, and say thank you for letting have a choice in our children’s education, but plans changed.  Our son’s friend came knocking at our door. He asked if my son could play, and my son told him “as soon as I am done with my literature assessment.”  He asked my son if he could stay inside our apartment because there was no electricity in his house.  My son then ran in to ask if his friend could play Wii until he was done and I said sure.

About 30 minutes later, my son’s friend came and asked if I had any ice cream, I said, “We sure do. Are you hungry?” “Yes,” he answered. “Okay then, why don’t I cook something up while you guys play,” and off to the kitchen I went.  As I watched him inhale his dinner, it made me wonder why so many children are being left unsupervised after school.  I started wondering if longer school hours, or after school sports would be beneficial to children who stay home by themselves for hours on end.

I have to go now, I told the boys I would bake them some sugar cookies and my oven is beeping!


  1. I am glad to know that your son's friend has you for his friend's mom! :)


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