Thank You

While working on our math lesson today, our doorbell rang and it was my son’s friend.  “Can you come out and play?” he asked. My son answered, “Nope, I have to finish my schoolwork.”  With that, my son stepped out quietly to chat with his friend.  Next thing I knew, my son was telling me that his friend was moving to Texas next week because his parents were getting a divorce.  I told my son to go out have fun, he said “thank you!” 

About 2 hours later, they were both playing Wii in our apartment.  I quietly made some hot dogs and Mac ‘n cheese.  I asked my son’s friend if he had eaten, he said no.  I called my son so he could get his meal, and he whispered “Thank you Mama.” That small whisper of “thank you” melted my heart.

We often just say “Thank You” because our parents showed us good manners, but how often is it truly heartfelt?  With that said, I want to say “Thank You” to those who read this blog. Thank you for taking time out of your day and spending it with me.  From my family to yours, Thank You.


  1. OK!!!!!! WAY TO MAKE THIS E M O T I O N A L MAMA CRYYY!!!! Thank you.


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