Tuesday's at IHop

For the past few weeks, after piano lessons, my son and I have had lunch at IHop.  We arrive there with the rest of the lunch crowed, get a booth or a table, and go through our menu's.  We discuss all of our options, what we like and don't like, and end up ordering the same breakfast meal.  We sit and chat about what's on my son's mind, things he is looking forward to doing for the holidays, his birthday, and things we are both grateful for. Our meal comes, I give him my pancakes, sausage and bacon, we thank the Lord for our food and start eating.  As most of us women and experienced Moms know, men and boys listen best when their eating.  So I tell my silly stories about my youth, schoolwork, things I hope to accomplish for that week, and things that he has done that make me proud.  Towards that end of the meal, we make plans when my husband's day off, pack up our leftovers and head on home.  

No matter how fussy or crabby my son will get the rest of that day, or even that week, I know that the next Tuesday that comes around, I will be sitting with my son chatting about the day over a stack of pancakes.


  1. I love this. This is what keeps us going; what life is about. To love and to listen and to look forward. :) Thank you.


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