History Comes To Life

When September rolls around, we always look forward to visiting our local History Museum. Why? For two reasons. One, it's free, courtesy of the Smithsonian Magazine's Free Museum Day and second, it comes to life!  I don't know about the local museums from other cities, but in Boise, it is a blast! 
This year, we took our pictures with Davy Crocket and Benjamin Franklin. 
A few cowboys from the Saloon taught folks how to play poker.  
A couple showed me their parlor and explained the difficulty of maintaining their Victorian home and why they need so many servants.  I learned how many layers of clothing it takes to get into those beautiful dresses. We saw a group of Civil War wives having tea, and learned what types of activities were done to pass the time. 

We also learned about the equipment used in WWI and WWII. 

 We ended our day to getting acquainted with the Knights and Ladies. 

My son learned how to throw a spear, wore a Knight's helmet, and considered taking Fencing.

Overall, it was an amazing day.  This was a hands-on approach to History, and the best thing was that my son was able to ask these historical figures all  kinds of questions.

Can't wait to see what happens next year!!! 


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