Justified Field Trips

One of the wonderful benefits of homeschooling are field trips. We all woke up at 6am to head out to the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic at Ann Morison Park.  As we watched people preparing their hot air balloons, I kept thinking about the justification of the field trip.  As I saw these amazing thing make their way to the sky, it hit me, science, history, and art.

We discussed gravity, differences in cold and hot air, and air pressure.  We were also able to ask the pilots of the hot air balloons, how things work and they also described the different parts that make up the hot air balloons, and why the weather is so important.

For history, we wanted to know who invented the hot air balloon. We learned that a French scientist was the first to fly a hot air balloon that rose 250 feet into the air and flew for 15 minutes, but the second attempt lasted longer and flew higher. We also learned how the shapes have changed, but the principles have remained the same. 

Depending on the age of the child, you could have them paint a hot air balloon using watercolors, or you could have them color one using a template. If they are older, and you have a camera, you can do what we did and allow your child to get creative in his photography.

Homeschooling, to us, is about family and freedom in allowing our son to learn at his own pace.  I hope that this will help you justify a Hot Air Balloon field trip, and don't forget to take lots pictures :)


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