welcome 2012

When I was attending Stagg Street Elementary, the year 2012 didn't even exist. Now that I think about it, the year 1990 didn't exist either. But it is hear and I welcome it with open arms :)

I don't know about you, be we have a family tradition were we set goals as a family. We realized that when we write them down, pray over them often, many of them come true. For example, some of last years goals included getting a family dog that doesn't mind living in an apartment. Purchasing a van hat had less that 35,000 miles on it and was affordable. Going to Wahooz and riding our bikes on the GreenbeltThis year we set some higher goals but I won't share them with you until 2013 :)

I wish you a wonderful 2012, and I pray that you receive tons of blessings and a bunch of miracles!


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