Idaho Summers 

Summer came so fast this year, and yet it won't slow down!  Being on a budget is pretty difficult, but we are learning to manage, especially when it comes to entertainment.  Parks are always a great place to visit with friends, as long as you bring plenty of water and snacks.  It won't hurt to bring some sunblock too.

Movies are also a bonus! The Summer Movie Express offered by local theaters is a nice way to relax for a couple of hours and watch movie for only a $1.00, though you might have seen them before.  If you have a Reel Movie Theater near you, they also have a summer movie program for a great discount.

If you want to be out in the water instead, our local water park, Roaring Springs, does offer discounts as well.  another alternative, if you don't have a friend who has a pool, would be the public pool.  Some YMCA locations do offer indoor swimming pools at a great price, but you might want to call ahead to make sure that your local Y has a pool.  Another option for swimming are public pools.  The city of Boise has about six different pools in various locations throughout the city, as well as Meridian. 

What ever you do, just make sure its a family event :)


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