Found the Past in the Present

I recently finished my educational goal and found myself with some extra time. Thanks to my hubby, who got me a negative scanner, I was able to get my negatives digitized. As I looked through my past, I found images of me as a teenager. I sat their looking at a young girl full of joy and possibilities, then I was sadly reminded of the pain she went through. She was often reminded how "ugly" and "fat" she was, and how she believed it. 

I come from a petite family where the women are small and beautiful, and then there was me. Too big, too tall, and too pale for a Latina. It is amazing how hurtful words can be when adults speak to their children that way, especially teens. In my case, it that phrase, "you have a pretty face but..." My saving grace came from my mother and my auntie, who reminded me that there was nothing wrong with me.

My Son and I 2013
Today my son called me beautiful and at that moment all those negative words were forgotten for ever.


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