Education and Possibilities

After earning my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, I longed to learn more about this field of science. I went from one school right to another and earned my Masters in Psychology. I think it was about 6 years of education in total and nonstop. Sadly, education does not come cheap and I, like thousands of other students, have student loans to pay back. 

Finding employment has also been challenging. Being that we bought a house a year ago, getting up and moving to another state is not possible. Though I am bilingual and have 20+ years working with children, my skills aren't something that people are hiring for at this present time. Instead of dwelling in the lack of career opportunities  I have opted to continue to offer my services at no cost. 

Meanwhile, I will continue to write, teach, and learn. I don't know what path I will be lead on, but I do know that I have God leading the way.


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