My Sunday School Kiddos

Those of you know me know that I teach Sunday School, and have been since I was 19. I love teaching these young minds about the Lord and watch as their minds expand. Though I have never been a traditional teacher, for example I am not a bible thump-er, wear dresses on Sunday (I don't where dresses in general because I just haven't to find the right shoes.), or have the kids sings hymns (which I do love hearing). 
Hot Wheels... beyond cars.

My approach is a little different. I love to hear what the kids have to say, maybe it's the therapist in me, but I have learned that respect works both ways. Wait...what? Well, I like to show up early to church and listen to all the stories and adventures my students had during the week. After then, there is singing, dancing, and story time. 

This is the second year I have been with this group of kiddos. While they were in the third grade, I would often bring treats, usually sweets like candy and even cookies. I stopped doing that the day I learned that one of my students had gluten allergies. I then started bringing in toys and then Hot Wheels! (Yeah, my class is all boys.) 

The reward went as followed... If you bring your bible, you get a Hot Wheel of your choice. If you answer questions, wrong or right, you get a GF organic sweet treat.Over time, my boys started bring in their bibles and I added more and more Hot Wheels to my collection. (We now have a Hot Wheel budget in our home finances.) 

Jump forward one year, my students are not just bring their bibles, they also have to look verses, write them down, and read them to me in order for them to earn their Hot Wheel. It was during this time that student who comes occasionally said, "I don't need a dumb Hot Wheel. My dad can buy me one when ever I want." I decided to smile and not say anything, but that was when one of my students spoke up. He said, "You know, your dad can buy you any toy you want, but that doesn't mean you earned it. And in order to get one from Mrs. Nancy, you have to earn it." I looked at my student and smiled. These same students have learned compassion, patience, and and genuinely care for each other. That same little boy was baptized today, actually about 8 of my students have been baptized this year.

Teaching Sunday school is one of my favorite things and pray I keep doing it for a long time. For those of you that I have taught, I hope your memories are good ones, and for those of you who have let me teach your children, thank you.


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