How I Learned About My Stroke

A few months ago, my Hubs took me to the ER because I was having unusual symptoms and an odd headache. I remember 2 of my dear friends sharing a post about know when you are having a stroke called F.A.S.T.

The first symptom I felt was on odd pain on the left side of my head, later on I noticed that I couldn't swallow. It was as if the right side of my throat got numb, and then my face started feeling the same thing. That's when I told my Hubs what was going on. Without hesitation, we headed to the ER, where he dropped me off while he found parking. As I explained to the folks behind the desk what my symptoms were, my right arm started getting really heavy. Within minutes, I found myself surrounded by medical professionals poking me, drawing blood, putting in an IV, taking my vitals, helping me change into a gown, and talking to the Doctor.

As I sat there answering questions, I noticed that though I still wasn't sure what was going on with me, the staff made me laugh, a lot. The cracked jokes, had me smile, lift up my arms, check for pain, while they explained what were doing, and made sure I was comfortable. Later I was wheeled to get a CT Scan, and that's when it got a little quieter. The Doctor came in and told me that I had a stroke. That hospital roomed became very quite. I could only hear my heartbeat and the air filing my lungs. I just looked at him, then my Hubs, and the just closed my eyes and thanked God for that moment. I felt the Doctor kiss me on the forehead and walk away. I exhaled and all the busy noises that are expected in an ER continued.

Two gentlemen showed up who were going to take me to St. Luke's in Downtown Boise, though I said that my Hubs could take me instead. Mr. Kasey said that they could take me there quicker in the ambulance. While Mr. Justin drove us to downtown Boise, Mr. Kasey kept me entertained and calm. We arrived safely to the hospital, where they placed me in the ICU. I guess I hadn't realized the severity of a stoke until I was there.

After more scans, they determined it was a hemorrhagic stroke brought on by my blood pressure. Now, I have always had high blood pressure, but these numbers were super high, something like 250/169. Though I have always been on blood pressure meds, nothing had seemed to work long term, that also includes changing eating habits. It took the ICU 3 days before my blood pressure was normal. I remember listening to the Doctor and nurses discussing the causes of the high blood pressure, testing ideas, and further blood work, and then I heard the doctor say, "Maybe it's genetic." He came and asked me if there were family members who had strokes. "There were none on my mother side,"I told him, but then I remembered something. "I remember my mom telling me that my biological father had a stroke when he was around my age." He said thank you, and later that day my blood pressure was normal and I was moved up to the 5th floor.

As I recovered, I was surrounded by wonderful people, prayers, and so much love. People came to visit and though I looked yucky, they didn't seem to mind. The nurses only caught me once trying to escape, but they were great about it.

When I came back home, I expected everything to go back to what it had been, but it didn't.


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