4/9/17 thru 4/13/17

Poetry Prompt is "Reciprocal Mobility."
Take and Give

From what I was told, take and give or give and take balance each other out.
You give and much as you take, 
And take as much as you give, 
But what if they are all wrong?

What if you give more than you take,
Or take less than what you give?
How would the world look then?
Would it change much?
Would we become a true reciprocal society,
Or just keep pretending. 


Today's prompt is "Secret of Patience"

The Secret of Patience

I say goodbye to one student as another one waits by the door.
There were 35 students, but 3 have moved on, 
And waiting on a list, 10 more.

"How do you do it? Are they all different grades? 
How do you keep it together?"

I give them a smile, and simply say,
"The secret of my patience is my faith."


Today's prompt brought to you by Dr. Seuss, "How did it get so late so soon?"


I lay in bed wondering where it all went.
I could have sworn that I just got here,
I know... it was all in my head.

I know I didn't show up, 
And I didn't act like a fool.
But when all is said in done,
I have to wonder how I got this tattoo?


Today's prompt is brought to you by Zora Neale Hurston, "There are years that ask questions and years that answer." 


What will I do with my life?
Do I go to school?
Work full time?
Will I get married? 
Should I stay single?

Don't fret so much young one,
I have your answers,
You may not like them.
So I won't tell you. 
Be wise in your questions,
And don't be in a race to answer.
Take your time,
Don't second guess,
You want to live life, and not regret.


Today's prompt is singing in the rain.


You beautiful liquid from the sky,
You can bring life to land that was once dead,
Or destroy them instead.


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